Our Featured Artists Thank You For Being Here. 

Our Featured Artists Thank You For Being Here. 

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Welcome to my little slice of digital real estate on the internet. I'm glad you're here. 

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Isaac Craven 

I've been locked up since June 6th, 2013. I have ADHD, and being stuck in a cell most of the day didn't help the relationship between me and my cell mates. As a meditative therapy I taught myself how to draw. It started as simple sketches, but I've improved my technique and picked up new ones along the way.  It's been fun and has sustained me throughout my time. Over the past six months, starting around December 2018, I started painting and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2019, the prison stopped selling paint, but everyone here is going through the channels to try and talk them into selling it again.  I couldn't wait, however, so I started making my own paint. I use crushed up chalk and toothpaste, and have had to reteach myself some of the techniques...but it is working. That ingenuity earned me the nickname "McGyver", and now other artists are trying the same recipe and painting methods. In all, I believe they're finding it both fun and challenging to do.

I appreciate your being here and viewing my work. Use the contact form to comment, and my amazing company rep, Intern Mandy, will transcribe your message and send it to me by post.

First Rose by Isaac Craven
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08. Winter's Farm-
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05. The Safe Place
Original work limited prints available, starting at $51.00

The Safe Place 

My safe place is the woods. When I'm in the woods, surrounded by all God's beautiful creations, I am truly at peace. I chose a night scene because that's when the interesting critters come out. Prison is a challenging place to be an artist. 

Original 14"x17" Pastel with toothpaste on Bristol Board can be purchased on my over 70 products at my online store.
I look forward to hearing from you.