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Intern Zachary April 9, 2019

Dear Readers

Let me start by telling you how I came to drawing. I started when I was in the county jail. We were locked in our cells 23 hours per day. I had nothing to do but read a pocket-sized bible...and write letters home. I spent two years in there, and you can only read the bible so many times.

So I started to draw. Mostly I drew pictures without any shading so I could get better at my line work. It wasn't until I went to prison that I learned how to do the shading work. I'd been down for five years at this point, when I met this guy who taught me how to shade. I've been drawing now for 12 years and hope to do it the rest of my life.

I've always been into tattoos and the tatoo world. It's an art that has evolved so much that got me hooked. It went from doing work that looked like that of a child, to the masterpieces I do now. I like seeing people walking around with these pieces of artwork on them. It became my inspiration to make myself better with my work. I'm hoping to make sculpture when I'm released from prison, so look out for them in the next four years.

All of my artwork is signed with my prison nickname, "Lazy" so you know what is mine when you see it and a symbol next to it.

War Paint , Coming Soon
Majesty, Coming Soon

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Coyote Family Red, Coming 3
Coyote Family Green, Coming Soon
Coyote Family Blue, Coming Soon
Conformity, Coming Soon
Winged, Coming Soon
Lady Contrast, Coming Soon
Tasty, Coming Soon
When Injustice Becomes Law. Rebellion Becomes Duty, Coming Soon
Somedayz, Coming Soon
Crowsada, Coming Soon
Lazy Dayz, Coming Soon
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